Cluttered Shelf Game and Activities

cluttered shelf

What a cluttered shelf! How many things can you name that are on the shelf in two minutes?

Can you add the correct words to the things in the picture? Each of the things to label needs two words.

What can you remember? Take turns challenging each other with questions.


Use two prepositions of place to describe where these things are located.

Where is/are the…

1.) clown?
2.) Russian doll?
3.) bus?
4.) metronome?
5.) green box?
6.) marbles?
7.) history book?
8.) Charles Dickens novel?
9.) the shells?
10.) cactus in the yellow, red and blue pot?


1.) Invent a name, gender, age and nationality for the person who owns this shelf. What made you decide as you did?
2.) Based on the picture, what does the person enjoy doing?

Try not to look!
1.) What countries has the person visited?
2.) What time is it?
3.) How many animals are in the picture and what colours are they?
4.) Can you name three author’s whose books are on the shelf?
5.) How many shells are in the basket? Which shelf are they on? What else is on the same shelf?
6.) Does the person play a sport? If so, what is it?
7.) What’s the persons favourite beverage?
8.) What slogan appears on the shelf? What does it mean?