Cluttered Table – Prepositions of Place

Look at my cluttered table! Gosh, I am so disorganized today.

Let’s use the image to practice using prepositions of place and asking open questions with the verb ‘to be’.

cluttered table

1.) Let’s check our understanding of the prepositions of place with a quiz.

2.) Let’s practice forming questions and answers with the verb ‘to be’.

Take turns asking questions about the objects, using where, what, and how many.

Notice the sentence structure.

Here are some examples of questions we can ask:

Where is the green, red, and yellow parrot?
What is in the jar?
What colour are the keys?
How many locks are on the table?

3.) Let’s play a game.

Can you find a few differences between the pictures, and explain what they are in English? Use the slider to see Picture A and Picture B.