Comparatives and Superlatives in English

comparatives and superlatives in English

Learn how to use comparatives and superlatives, and practice using them with our collection of activities and games.

Comparatives and superlatives explained – Learn about them here!

Practice writing comparatives and superlatives

Technology – Quick answer warm up – Which is better?

Multiple choice quiz – Try to add the correct comparative or superlative to these sentences about food

Good, better, best! – A fun, simple speaking game to practice comparatives and superlatives

Pick Two Cards Game – Flip cards to get an adjective and a category. Can you make a comparative and a superlative with them?

Jump Board Conversation Game – Talk about what you prefer.

Saving Money – A gap-fill dialogue exercise to review comparatives for higher level students
Saving Money 2 – A gap-fill dialogue exercise to review superlatives for higher level students

Similes with like, as, and ‘as…as’ – How to compare things that are similar or the same