Comparatives and Superlatives – Good, Better, Best!

comparatives and superlatives good, better, best



1.) You need 2 players or teams.
2.) Player or team 1 selects either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and a category for player or team 2.
3.) Player or team 2 uses the formula to talk about the category.
4.) Now it is player or team 2’s turn to make a challenge.

Players must not repeat adjectives. Think of new adjectives to use for each comparative and superlative! Do you know lots of adjectives? If not, play these games first.

AN EXAMPLE: Imagine that Team 1 selects ‘good’ and the category is ‘pets’. Team 2 uses the formula, and says:

Fish are good, but cats are better than fish, because they are more interesting. And dogs are the best, because they are the cutest.

Your turn!


  1. fruit
  2. vegetables
  3. fast food
  4. typical dish in your country
  5. types of music
  6. song
  7. horror movie
  8. comedy
  9. series
  10. sport

11. politician
12. place in your country
13. clothing brand
14. wild animal
15. domesticated animal
16. video game
17. car
18. profession
19. country
20. book

Use the formula!

Drag and drop your points to keep score!