Conversation Questions – Technology

Let’s talk about technology.

General Questions about technology:
1.) What is ‘technology’? Can you define it?
2.) Can you name 20 technologies?
3.) What was the most important technological invention or discovery in history?
4.) What new invention are you most excited about?
5.) Is there a modern invention that you find scary?
6.) What do you think medicine will be like ten years from now?
7.) What do you think using a computer will be like five years from now?
8.) Talk about technologies that have had an impact on food and food production.
9.) What is your favourite technological device?
10.) How do you think technology will shape law inforcement in the next twenty years?

What are the benefits and dangers of the following technologies:
1.) AI -artificial intelligence
2.) Virtual assistant devices -for example Alexa
3.) Virtual spaces – for example Second Life or the Metaverse
4.) Delivery drones
5.) Social Networks – for example Facebook or Instagram
6.) QR codes for tracking humans

Select an early technology and talk about its impact on human civilization and development:
Smelting metals