Conversation Questions


Select a conversation topic to practice speaking in English:

Camping – General questions for all levels

Clothing – General questions for Intermediate and advanced

Crime and the Criminal Justice System – Controversial Questions for intermediate and advanced

Family – Beginner and advanced options

Famous People – General questions as well as questions about cancel culture

Food – General questions for all levels

Gender and Society – General questions for high beginner through advanced

Gossip – General questions for intermediate and advanced

Gratitude – These questions work well for conversations about Thanksgiving, or as a stand alone topic.

Holidays and Special Days of the Year – General questions for all levels

International Women’s Day – Conversation questions and activities for all levels

Job interviews – General questions about interviews

Making Difficult Decisions – How do you make decisions? Conversation questions, a video and ‘Would You Rather’ game (Intermediate and advanced)

Money – How do you save money? (High beginner to advanced)

Nature – The forest for the trees – General questions for intermediate and advanced

Past Simple Icebreaker questions – General questions about your week

Past Simple conversation cards – Flip cards and answer the questions

Past Perfect – General questions. Can you guess if your partner is lying or telling the truth?

Peace – Conversation starters. (B2-C2)

Technology – The first ten questions are suitable for beginners. The complete selection is perfect for high intermediate and advanced students.

The Environment – Add the correct preposition to the questions before you ask. High beginner and above.

Travel and Tourism (Options by level)

Weather (Beginner A1)