Crime- Smash and Grab Game

smash and grab

Let’s play SMASH AND GRAB.
This game is easy to adapt to all levels and to work on any verb tense.

Select what verb tenses you want to practice, and start with a quick review before you play.

Review of the Past Simple and Past Continuous.
Review of the Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect.
Review other tenses.

Watch the trailer and make predictions.
Based on the video, what do you think the game will be about? What do you guess the rules are? How does a player win the game?

Smash and Grab Double!

1.) The detectives start at the metro stations, and the robber starts in any red square.
2.) The robber gets the first move. They smash and grab any object and have 5 more moves. Robbers can’t move diagonally, or go back and forth with the same turn, except to go to loot and then away from it. The robbers get six 6 moves per turn, and they must declare each of the six steps.

For example:
I grabbed some treasure. I took two steps across a blue floor. I went through a door. I took a step on the street, and then I opened a window.

3.) Detectives each get ten moves per turn, and they can move diagonally. If it is a two person game, the person playing detective gets to use two detectives, each with their own turns.

4.) The robber’s goal is to get all of the treasure without getting caught. The detectives’ goal is to catch the robber. To catch the robber, the detective must be in the same room, and on the same colour squares. If detectives are incorrect, the robber wins the game.