Past Simple, Continuous and Perfect

Past Simple, Continuous and Perfect  updated

Let’s practice using the Past Simple, Continuous and Perfect together. Can you use all three tenses to talk about a crime that happened in the neighbourhood?

Add the correct form of the verbs.
1.) The witness _____ (pass) by the building when an alarm ____ (go off).
2.) The witness ____ (not meet) any of the criminals before.
3.) The bank manager ____ (not be) involved.
4.) The robbers ____ (plan) the heist for months before they ____ (commit) the crime.
5.) One of the hostages ____ (try) to distract the robbers while another hostage ____ (try) to escape.

Let’s talk.
You are the bank manager, and a police officer is interviewing you. Sometimes bank employees are in on the crime, so the officer is suspicious of you. To make matters worse, it turns out that one of the robbers is a distant cousin of yours, and you have met him in passing. Give full answers, so that she knows that you are innocent.

1.) For the record, state you full name, job title and ID number, please.
2.) When did you first notice that something was wrong?
3.) Take me through the events in your own words.
4.) Had you met any of the criminals before the crime took place?
5.) What is your relationship with the robber who is your cousin?