English Dialogues with Games

English dialogues

Practicing English dialogues is a good way to help students become more fluent. “How so?”, you ask, since it isn’t at all natural to read off a script, and you don’t get to say what you want to express.

Excellent question! And you’re right. Dialogues are scripted and limiting, but very useful all the same.

First of all, think about how many of the casual exchanges in your native language are scripted. We all have traditional exchanges that we repeat over and over again, using the same expressions as we meet people throughout the day. It’s an efficient use of your time to get good at these common, scripted conversations.

Second of all, dialogues help us use our English vocabulary and grammar in context. We get to see how they fit together in actual communication. In other words, they make the abstract concepts that we are learning more concrete.

But in order for dialogues to be useful, you need to understand why you are using specific words and what you are expressing when you use them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to substitute and modify your speech to express what you genuinely want to express in real life.

That is why the following dialogues come with a twist. Your challenge is to add the missing words, and think through the concepts before you begin.

Select a dialogue and give it a try!

New Beginner – Introductions and basic questions

‘Be’ or ‘do’? – A business conversation

Casual, informal English – Common slang for beginners

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