Family – Conversation Questions

Beginner: Tell me about your family.
1.) Are you married?
-If so, what was your wedding like?
-If not, what are the advantages of being single?
2.) Is your family big or small? What is the ideal family size, in your opinion?
3.) Do you have siblings?
-If so, tell us about them.
-If not, what was it like growing up as an only child?
4.) What are your parent’s names? Tell us about them.
5.) Do you have children?
-If so, tell us about them.
-If not, do you want to have children? What are the advantages of not having children?
6.) What are the most important things, in order to have a happy family?
7.) Tell us about a family tradition. How has it changed over time?
8.) What did your grandparents do when they were young?
9.) Do you have pets in your family?
-If so, tell us about them.
-If not, what is the best pet to have?
10.) Who is the black sheep in your family?

Intermediate/Advanced Questions:
1.) Are the people in your family more important to you than other people? Why or why not?
2.) Some people use the term ‘family values’. What do you think they mean by this?
3.) What are some of the biggest problems families face?
4.) What is the best memory you have of being with your family?
5.) Tell us something interesting about your family history.