Halloween sentence salad

A) Can you find and circle the main verb in each of these groups of words?

B) Can you put the groups of words in the correct order?

HINT: You will have options as to where to put the adjectives in some of these, but they always go before a noun.

  1. the/a/cemetery/spooky/ghost/haunts.
  2. witches/spell/cast/the/will/wicked/a.
  3. webs/hairy/have/spiders/woven.
  4. at/werewolves/were/scary/moon/howling/the.
  5. her/noble/ruling/the/domain/is/queen.
  6. imitate/robots/humans/mechanical/do?
  7. had/gruesome/their/bones/the/rattled/skeletons.
  8. going/wands/fairies/are/to/the/their/wave/pretty.
  9. eat/zombies/brains/should/undead?
  10. his/victim/vampire/bitten/chilling/the/has.
  11. enemies/their/defeat/always/superheroes/brave/do?
  12. why/fury/down/did/hang/bats/the/upside?
  13. audience/scaring/evil/the/clowns/are.
  14. planet/the/aliens/when/invade/Earth/did/green?
  15. do/did/experiments/mad/scientists/the?

C.) Choose one of the themes above and a write a ghost story.

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