Halloween Warm Up – Rapid Fire Questions

This Halloween warm up is a simple ‘yes/no’ game to get things started.

This works well for any confident, outgoing classes with a basic level of English. The idea is to make it light and fast, so the beginner questions are a fun way to start, even with higher level classes.

The teacher provides a list of questions. They ask a student to choose a question. The teacher answers the question and chooses a question for another student. The student answers, then they choose a question for another student at random. The round is over once everyone has asked and answered a question. Does everyone in the class get it? Good, you are ready to start for real!

For the following rounds, there is a time limit to both start asking a question and to answer it, to avoid being eliminated until the following round. Students can hold any opinion they want, but they must express it properly.


Pre-teach round for beginner classes:

Are you alive? Yes, I am.

Are you a zombie? No, I’m not.

Is Super Woman a woman? Yes, she is.

Is Iron man a pumpkin? No, he isn’t.

Do you like Halloween? Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

Does [previous student] like Halloween? Yes, s/he does./ No, s/he doesn’t.

Do pirates live on boats? Yes, they do.

Does a pirate give gold away? No, s/he doesn’t.

Beginner Question ideas:

Do you like Halloween?

Does [previous student] like Halloween?

Do you know a ghost?

Are you a zombie?

Does Dracula like soccer?

Is the teacher a vampire?

Does a witch fly?

Are you an alien?

13 more questions!

Will zombies take over the Earth?

Are pumpkins blue?

Did you celebrate Halloween last year?

Can a spider dance?

Is your shirt blood red?

Is his/her shirt blood red?

Do people eat candy for Halloween?

Do you think [previous student] likes candy?

Will you wear a costume this year?

Are horror movies fun?

Does your family have a ghost story?

Are you scared of black cats?

Is [previous student] afraid of black cats?