House and Home Game

house and home in English

Let’s practice room and furniture vocabulary, and how to use ‘there is/are’ in English. Are you ready to play? You’ll have a few minutes to memorize as much as you can about a house. Then you’ll be challenged to see what you remember.

Are you ready to play, or do you want to practice before you start?

Check out the grammar, and review the vocabulary you’ll need HERE!

1. Memorize the picture.
OPTION A) Players have five minutes to complete the puzzle and try to remember as many details as they can.
OPTION B) Players have two minutes to look at the picture.

(NOTE: Don’t click on or share the puzzle or picture links until you are ready to play!)

2. Ask and answer questions about the things is the house. Players get one point if they remember the information correctly, and one point for answering the question correctly in English.