house and home in English

House and Home English Lesson

Do you know how to talk about your house and home in English? Let’s work on it together!

1.) What is your favourite room in your home? Describe it.
2.) In your opinion, what is the difference between a house and a home?
3.) What do you like and dislike most about where you live?
4.) Would you prefer to have a pool, a gym, or a home theater?


Name Ten – Warm up activity

What’s the word? – Quick compound noun activity

Media Blackout – A disappearing text game


Furniture Vocabulary – Flashcards

Drag and Drop Vocabulary Game – Learn and practice rooms and furniture vocabulary.


Prepositions of Place – Review the chart and practice

There is/are – Explanation

There is/are – Simple Present/rooms and furniture vocabulary

Order of Adjectives Game – Describe the household objects by putting the adjectives in order


House and Home Game – Can you memorize the details of this house and answer the questions?

Draw it! – Students describe rooms or houses in detail, while others try to draw what they hear.

Tiny houses – Look at the options, and take some tours. Which tiny house would you like to live in most? Why?


Home Improvements – DailyESL