Parties and Celebrations in English

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Let’s talk about parties and celebrations in English.
1.) There are lots of different types of celebrations. Can you name ten of them?
2.) What is your favourite kind of celebration?
3.) Do you prefer summer vacations or winter holidays?
4.) If you could invent a new celebration, what would it be? What should be celebrate more?


Around the World Alphabet Game – Take turns saying things you can find at a party, that start with the next letter of the alphabet.

You can skip the circled letters.
Anything at all that could be at a party is okay. Crazy things can happen at parties.



Review the vocabulary for the types of celebrations. Then take turns selecting and describing them with only three words so that others can guess which one you are referring to. You can’t use the words that are in the definitions!

1.) a birthday party
2.) an office party
3.) a cocktail party
4.) a bachelor/bachelorette party
5.) a wedding
6.) a celebration of life (funeral)
7.) an anniversary party
8.) a retirement party
9.) a graduation party
10.) a farewell party
11.) a housewarming party
12.) a family reunion
13.) a New Year’s Eve party
14.) a Christmas party
15.) a Halloween party
16.) a baby shower
17.) a music festival
18.) a parade
19.) a BBQ
20.) a costume party
21.) a sleepover / a slumber party
22.) a potluck


Beginner Vocabulary
wrapping paper

Intermediate Vocabulary
to dress up
to dress down
to host
to be a guest
to make a toast

Advanced Vocabulary
to mingle – associate with others at an event
to crash (an event) – to arrive uninvited

a gathering/a get together – an informal, small party of friends

a bridal shower – a formal gathering of women to prepare for a women’s wedding

a baby shower – a formal gathering of women to prepare for a new baby

a housewarming – a party to celebrate a new home


Funny Word
a shindig


Conversation Questions
1.) Do you prefer to big, loud parties or small, intimate parties?
2.) Tell us about a time you hosted a party.
3.) How do you get ready to host a party?
4.) What’s most important to you, the atmosphere, the food, the company, or the music?
5.) What was the best event you have attended?
6.) Do you like surprise parties? Has anyone ever thrown you a surprise party?
7.) What’s the best gift to give to someone you don’t know well?
8.) What’s the best gift that you’ve ever given?
9.) What’s the best gift that you’ve ever received?
10.) Describe the last party that you attended.

Would you rather…
1.) have to be the one who hosts parties or have to attend every party your neighbours, friends and family host?
2.) attend a casual or formal event?
3.) attend a bachelor or a bachelorette party?