World Peace English Lesson

World Peace English Lesson

World Peace English Lesson – High Beginner/Advanced (A2-C2)

There’s so much war and conflict in the world these days. If you would like to learn how to talk about that in English, feel free to check out the War and Conflict Lesson. But today, Let’s focus on peace, and what we can do to promote it in ourselves, our communities, and globally.

What is peace? Is it a feeling? A relationship? A way of life? Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “freedom from war and violence, especially when people live and work together happily without disagreements”. Peace is life, freedom, and happiness.

Warm Up Questions
1.) What does peace mean to you?
2.) Why don’t we have global peace?
3.) Describe a time in your life when you felt deeply at peace.
4.) What can we do, to make the world a more peaceful place?
5.) Do you think global peace is possible?

Warm Ups

All levels (A2-C2)
Peace maze – What sentence is written in the maze?

Tongue-twisters – Pronunciation practice

Idioms and expressions – Add the correct verbs to the expressions, and try using them in your own sentences.


Ceasefire now! = an immediate agreement to stop fighting to have peace talks.

Low Intermediate/Advanced (B1-C2)
Basic Vocabulary for Peace – Quizzes

High Intermediate/Advanced (B2-C2)
Trust, confidence, conscious, conscientious?
Learn the difference between these commonly confused words.

More vocabulary:
equanimity = calmness and balance
absence = state of not being present
lack = the absence of something that is needed


High Beginner/Intermediate (A2-B1)
Phrasal verbs with STAND

Intermediate (B1-B2)
Adverbs of Frequency Quiz – Put the words in order to make sentences about peace.

High Intermediate/Advanced (B2-C2)
Affixes -ship and -hood – Learn about these suffixes, try the quiz, and take turns asking and answering conversation questions with abstract nouns.

Reading and Writing

How to Promote Peace (B2-C2)

Option 1 – Letter to the President
How to write a letter to the President of the United States

Option 2 – Essay
1.) Select an essay topic from the list or think of your own.
2.) Write a 250 word essay summarizing your thoughts on the topic.
a. What steps can we take to promote world peace? (B1+)
b. Who gains from war? (B1+)
c. Living involves violence. Life feeds on life. What’s the relationship between the violence inherent in Nature and peace? (B2+)
d. World Peace Declared! Imagine that world peace has been declared. Write a news article about it. (B2+)
e. Explore the charts and graphs in OurWorldInData, and select one to write about.
You can review how to talk about charts and graphs. (C1-C2)


World Peace Board Game – Select your level. (A2-C2)

Conversation Questions – B1+

Class Resources

Sustaining Peace Project – Explore the interactive map of where peace exists.

IFNOTNOW– A Jewish organization against the oppression of Palestinian people.

peace symbols