Past Perfect – Conversation Questions

Past Perfect Conversation Questions

Let’s practice asking and answering questions in the Past Perfect. Select a question to ask your speaking partner, and fill in the words in brackets with your own ideas.

Option: The person answering the questions can tell the truth, or make up a lie. Can you guess if your partner is being honest?

1.) Had you already (Past Participle) by the time you turned (age)?

2.) Had you just (Past Participle) when (event in the Past Simple)?

3.) I still hadn’t (Past Participle) by the time I was (age). Had you?

4.) Had you tried (noun/verb+ing) before you (another action in Past Simple)?

5.) Had you finished (verb+ing) by the time you (another action in Past Simple)?

6.) Do you with you had (Past Participle) when you were younger?

7.) What was the best thing you had done before you became a (profession, job or other social category)?

8.) Why did you (verb in base form) after you had (Past Participle)?

9.) What is something you wish that you had done differently?

10.) What had the (president of your partner’s country) done before s/he was elected?

11.) What movie had (famous actor) been in before his/her (last role)?

12.) What is something you have accomplished? What had you done to prepare for your success?

13.) Have you ever had food poisoning? What do you think you had eaten that make you ill?

14.) Have you ever faced an emergency or crisis? Had you been expecting it? Had you done anything to prepare?