Class Packages and Prices


Every class is designed especially for you, to meet your learning needs and goals.

Materials, special online games and extra activities to practice are free for students.


1 hour – 48.000 Colombian Pesos
2 hours – 90.000 Colombian Pesos


6 hours – 260.000 Colombian Pesos
12 hours – 500.000 Colombian Pesos
24 hours – 960.000 Colombian Pesos

*The hours in your package can be divided into classes to suit your needs.
For example, a package of 6 hours can be used as 6 separate 1 hour classes, or 3 classes of 2 hours each.


*Classes are for one student only.

*If you want to study with family members or friends, each additional student receives a 50% discount! Classes are for a maximum of six people. Students must have similar English levels.

*Classes are not reserved on short notice. Payments are made 2 days before classes begin.

*Classes can be rescheduled with 24 hour notice. Short notice will result in a lost class. Arriving late for class will result in lost class time.

*In-home classes are negotiable for students in Ibague. There will be additional fees for transportation time and costs.

If you would like more information, see the frequently asked questions, or contact us.