Frequently Asked Questions

How much do classes cost?
See our prices.

Where can I take classes?
Classes are online.
Students in Ibague may be approved for in-classroom studies upon invitation.
Students in Ibague can negotiate in-office classes, for an additional fee.

1.) Online: You receive a Google Meet join code in your email 5 minutes before class time.
2.) In-person: Approved students are welcome to come to the classroom.
3.) In-office: Classes in your location. Extra fees apply.

What levels do you teach?
I teach all levels, from new beginner to conversation.

What ages do you teach?
I accept students from 12 years old and up.

Are materials included?
Yes. All materials are included. Students receive links to online study materials.

Are the classes personalized?
Yes. Every class is designed to suit your individual needs, learning style, interests and goals.

What is an average class like?
Students feel welcomed and relaxed, without the pressure of being judged or the fear of making a mistake. We speak English as much as possible in class. I always come to class with a topic, but students are free to direct the conversation as they like.

We begin class with a warm-up game. It’s a way to relax, re-focus, and start thinking in English.

Every class is different, but you can expect to learn something new, that helps you progress. We’ll practice it together, so that you process the new information. Then we’ll practice speaking English naturally, to help you feel more confident.

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Do you translate documents?
No. You can find translation services online.
Students are welcome to bring documents to translate to class.

Will you help me cheat on an exam?
We are not a cheating service. You can find cheating services online.

Who can apply for classes?
If you want to learn English and you are a good, interesting person or company, then you are welcome to apply.