TABOO Game – Halloween Edition

Welcome to our Halloween edition of Taboo! Taboo is a fun and effective way to reinforce vocabulary and practice speaking in English.

1.) Form teams, and establish who will go first. For smaller groups, work as one team.
2.) One player is selected to describe the word on the card, without using the taboo words. The other teammates try to guess the word. If the team guesses a word, the player continues with the next word. Keep going until until the 3 minutes is up. Each correct word is worth a point.
3.) Once the 3 minutes is over, it is the other teams turn to select which player will describe the words.
4.) A new player is selected from each team for each round.

1.) No gestures. Only words can be used.
2.) Players can’t say “the word starts with the letter…”, or “it sounds like the word…”
3.) All forms of taboo words are prohibited, including plurals, part participles, and adjective forms. For example, if a taboo word is ‘mouse’, ‘mice’ is also prohibited.
3.) Players must only speak English. Exception: Once per round, players can choose to say:
“I know what it is! But I don’t know the English word for _____.” Be careful! If the word is incorrect, the turn ends.