Travel and Tourism – Conversation Questions

travel and tourism

Let’s talk about travel and tourism in English.

Conversation Questions to Practice Past Simple

Talk about your last trip.

Did you have a good time?
Where did you go?
Why did you choose this location?
When did you go?
Who did you go with?
How did you get there?
Where did you stay?
What did you see?

What do you recommend people do here?
What was and wasn’t worth the money?
Is there anything people should watch out for?
What documents must a tourist have ready?

General Conversation Questions
1.) Have you traveled? Where have you been?
2.) Why do you think people enjoy travel?
3.) Do you think traveling teaches up anything, or helps us grow?
4.) What’s the worst thing about travel?
5.) How do you usually meet new people when you travel?
6.) What are your favourite things to do when you travel?
7.) Do you prefer guided tours or to make your own plans?
8.) Do you prefer to visit cultures that are similar to yours, or do you prefer ones that are very different?
9.) What are some countries that you want to visit? Why these ones?
10.) Are there any places that you never want to travel to? Why?