Verbs Board Games

verbs board game

There are lots of ways to use these interactive verbs board games to practice English vocabulary, grammar and even conversation. Below is an example of how you might use them with beginners. But they can be adapted easily as a fun way to work on a wide range of grammar topics.

A very simple beginner vocabulary game:
Name the verb that you land in order to proceed on the next turn.

One way to play grammar games:
Players take turns rolling a die twice. The first role is to determine how many squares to move forward, and the second is to receive a challenge on what to do with the verb. The following is an example of challenges that could correspond with the numbers on the die:

1 – Make an affirmative sentence that begins with “I”.
2 – Make an affirmative sentence that begins with “she”.
3 – Make a negative sentence that begins with “we”.
4 – Make a negative sentence what begins with “he”.
5 – Make a question with “you”.
6 – Make a question with “it”.

Do you need to practice making affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences? Take this quiz before you play.

While the example above is for beginners, you can adapt the challenges to work on passive voice, conditionals, past participles, or any grammar point that you want to review.

As a conversation board, players must use the verbs to speak for a set amount of time in order to move forward.

Review the verb flashcards SET ONE and SET TWO before you play.