Verbs Board Game – Two

Use this simple, highly adaptable, interactive, English verbs game board to practice simple vocabulary or a grammar point.

Here is an example of how to use the board to practice the Past Simple.

One way to play grammar games:
Players take turns rolling a die twice. The first role is to determine how many squares to move forward, and the second is to receive a challenge on what to do with the verb. The following is an example of challenges that could correspond with the numbers on the die:

1 – Make an affirmative sentence that begins with “I”.
2 – Make an affirmative sentence that begins with “she”.
3 – Make a negative sentence that begins with “we”.
4 – Make a negative sentence what begins with “he”.
5 – Make a question with “you”.
6 – Make a question with “it”.

Review the verbs with SET THREE and SET FOUR of our flashcards before you play!