The Thing About Values

What are your core values? Let’s explore this idea, while learning about the mechanics of English.

What are my core values? It sounds like an easy question, doesn’t it? Do we value honesty? Of course. Do we value being nice? Sure. What about security? Yup, safety and security are important. What about freedom? Absolutely! Loyalty? Sounds good. Integrity? Also sounds good.

The thing about values is that they are all valuable. It is easy to value them all and think nothing more of it. But if we don’t take the time to know what we value most, what do we base our decisions on?

Let’s look at a few classic examples.

Your friend just got a new hair cut, and it’s horrible. He asks you what you think. Do you tell him the truth and risk hurting his feelings? Or do you decide to be nice and say something complementary? Or do you avoid the question and change the subject?

Your boss announces, yet again, that she wants you and your team to cancel your weekend plans to work on a project. No overtime. Do you prioritize your job security and work for free without complaint? Or do you tell her that your free-time is your own, and that you won’t sacrifice it? Or do you sacrifice your freedom, but do so angrily, because you value your freedom, but only so long as it comes risk-free?

Out shopping with a friend, you see that she has just put an expensive item in her bag in order to steal it. One option is to display your loyalty to her and say nothing. Another option is to preserve your integrity, and refuse to be a party to theft. What do you do?

Granted, life is way more complicated than this. There are a lot of factors to consider. But isn’t that all the more reason to know what you stand for, before you are faced with difficult choices?

This is the topic of our new English class. We will look at different points of view, clarify our own, individual core values, and learn some invaluable grammar along the way.

Check out our new video to get started!

To see the activities in this class, click here.

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Comment in the section below. We’d love to hear from you! What are your core values? What struggles did you face in arriving at your decision?

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Maria Alexandra Romero
Maria Alexandra Romero
1 year ago

I chose the option 3

It´s difficult to chose an option because, it´s my friend to probably have a problem if i´ll tell the police but on the other hand it´s my integrity to say things that are wrong; but i think that i talk to my friend and covencer him to return the object that he steal.

Daniela Ospina Meneses
Daniela Ospina Meneses
1 year ago

I choose thIe option 1 I would tell you the truth that I did not like the haircut but I would appreciate it for trying to cut it

Nicolas Villamil
Nicolas Villamil
1 year ago

I choose option 2

Do extra- hours or extra job is every boss dream, but personally I think as an employee we need to know when work or when leave it, for example is the delay in the work or in the project is my fault, so ok I’ll do extra work to the project be in line, but if isn’t my fault so, we could talk about a good extra pay for work on the weekend and finally if I’ve had planned something special for the weekend I really sorrty but I wouldn’t join in the extra time.

We don’t have to be so afraid of losing our jobs these days because, in the worst case if no one hire you, you always can start a business on your own! 🙂