Core Values English Lesson

What are your core values? Here, we will explore this and leave the class with loads of new vocabulary, important skills that we can generalize to improve our level, and a personalized shield representing our individual core values.

What is most important to you in your life?
Is there anything that isn’t important to you, that you do only for social acceptance?
Is there anything that is important to you, that you wish others valued more?
Do the people in your social circle tend to have the same values?
Do you have any close friends who have very different values from you?

Warm Up Activities

Values Video – Watch the video and try the challenges

Spin the wheel – Take a screen shot, and talk for a minute about the value you landed on.


List of values – Learn the words and practice making adjectives from nouns.

Reading and Writing

The thing about values – Read and comment on the blog

Quotes about values

12 Famous Philosophers and their Guiding Principles – Read the article, and select a philosopher to write a paragraph about. (C1)

Self Reliance – Read the classic Emerson essay. (C2)

Essay writing – Select a topic.


Ethical Dilemmas – What would you do?

Create your own values shield