Geography – An English Lesson

geography map world
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Let’s talk about geography.

1.) What is the study of Geography about?
2.) How does the geography of where you live impact on your life?
3.) How is the geography of the world changing?


All levels
Ten largest countries – Label the correct countries
What are the capitals of these countries? – Match the capitals to the countries

Challenge each other to talk about any country for a minute.


Beginner +
What are the citizens of these countries called?
Nationalities – Explanation and quiz
How to talk about landscape – Infographic

Basic Geography Vocabulary
The four cardinal directions are North, East, South and West.
Longitude and latitude are locations on a map.
The weight is how heavy or light something is.
The height is how tall something it.
The length is how long something is.
The width is how wide something is.


Beginner +
Learn about Canada – A video about Aboriginal culture in Canada

Intermediate +
Human Evolution – Watch the video and take notes. Feel free to watch it a second time. Prepare to tell us what you learned.


Interactive world map

National Geographic Mapmaker

What do you know about these countries? – Conversation activity

Geoguessr conversation class

Take turns asking each other questions. Replace the highlighted words with your own.
A.) What are people from COUNTRY called?
B.) They are called NOUN.
A.) Tell me something about this country.
B.) Sure. Add a FACT. (Add any fact, for example, where it is located, what countries surround it, or something about the culture, geography, or history.)


Intermediate +
Isthmus – Natural Geographic reading

Global South – Read the Wikipedia article, and write an essay.


All levels
Punctuation tip– Is it US or U.S.?
Both are fine. It’s a good example of why punctuation is complicated. The Britannica Dictionary has this advice.