Borders – An English Lesson

Let’s talk about borders and crossing borders in English.

1.) People are sometimes nervous when they cross the border. Why do you think this is?
2.) What documents and information do you need to cross the border into Canada?
3.) What would you do if you were turned back at the border?
4.) Countries have different laws. Can you think of a mistake you might make when trying to enter another country?


What time is your flight? – Review and practice telling time two ways:

A.) What time is our flight?
B.) It’s at 2:30. (Say a time with method 1.)
A.) Oh, at half-past two! We’d better run!
(Repeat the time with method 2, and add a different sentence.)


Drag and drop game – intermediate


Farmer accidentally moves border – in levels

Expat or Immigrant? – Intermediate +

World 101 Migration – Videos and inforgraphics about world migration – Inermediate +

No One is Illegal -C2 level


World Map – Move around the world and notice where the boarders are. How did they come to be where they are?

Role Plays:
1.) Immigration Officer and traveler at the border in an airport
2.) Immigration Officer and traveler in a car at a land crossing

Conversation Questions:
1.) How are borders established?
2.) Who cares were our lines on a map are drawn?
3.) Are you proud of your country?
4.) Are you proud to be from your country?
5.) In what ways are regional pride useful?
6.) In what ways are regional pride detrimental?