Nature scene

Nature English Lesson- The Forest for the Trees

Nature scene

Let’s talk about Nature!

1.) How do you define Nature?
2.) Can you describe a cycle found in Nature? (For example: the water cycle or the food chain)
3.) Name 20 words that are associated with Nature.

Warm Up

Nature Idiom Out of Order Game – Put the letters in order to discover the Nature idioms


Nature Vocabulary Flashcards – Learn or review these beginner words about Nature

Nature Vocabulary – Drag and Drop Game, and intermediate vocabulary

Reading, Grammar and Writing


Start with the blog post – General Reading

Lost in the Forest! – Reading and activities about Nature and survival

Lost in the Forest (part 2) How to Make Survival Bannock – A phrasal verb drag and drop game

Grammar Practice:
Lost in the forest (part 3) – Tag Questions Game

Have or had? – A game to practice Present or Past Perfect

Writing: Select an option for your writing practice. Write a page (around 250 words) adding to Mary’s adventure.
1.) What is the back story? Why is Mary alone in the woods? What happened?
2.) Complete the story. What happens next?

Listening and Conversation

Find the differences game

Conversation Questions

Finding the Mother Tree – Watch the video and discuss it, using the questions