Meet Mary Ann: Reading (W5 Questions)

reading resources Meet Mary Ann

Vocabulary for the Meet Mary Ann reading:

farm – granja
cute – lindo/precioso
safe – seguro
grow – cultivar/crecer
gentle – tierno/suave
pond – balsa/estanque
trout – trucha
market – feria/mercado

town – pueblo
stall – caseta/puesto
candles – velas
near – cerca
a break – un descanco
catfish – bagre
tired – cansado
day off – dia libre

1.) Please listen to the pronunciation of the words.
2.) Identify what type of word each one is.
3.) Select any 5 words, and make a question with each word.

Let’s read.

1.) The teacher will read first. Please listen carefully.
2.) Your turn!

Mary Ann is a farmer. Her farm is in the mountains. She lives with her sister, Tammy, and with her son, Joseph, who is 15 years old. They have a cute, pink and grey house. It isn’t new or big, but it is safe and clean, and the family is content.

They have two gardens. In the small garden, they grow herbs and flowers. In the big garden, they cultivate potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes. The family has six chickens, and Joseph collects fresh eggs every day. They have a beautiful, gentle cow named Bessy. It is Tammy’s job to milk Bessy every morning, and to make cheese to sell.

The farm has some avocado and some lemon trees, and an enormous mango tree. It also has a little pond, where the family likes to fish for trout.

Every Tuesday, Mary Ann gets up at 3:30 AM, and takes cheese, eggs, flowers, fruit and vegetables to the market in town. She organizes her stall, and then has a cup of coffee with her friends, David and Camila, who sell honey and candles in the stall near her. She sells her products in the morning, and then takes a break for lunch at 12:15 PM.

Mary Ann does not eat meat, but she loves fish. She always eats catfish soup and a fried plantain in a restaurant. She returns to her stall at 2:20 in the afternoon, and works until 8:00 PM. When Mary finally arrives home at night, she is always very tired. She takes a shower, and goes to bed. The good news is that Wednesdays are her day off. On Wednesdays, she relaxes all day in the hammock under her mango tree.

Comprehension Questions:
1.) Identify any 3 nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives.
2.) Who does Mary Ann live with?
3.) What does Mary Ann do on Tuesdays?
4.) Where is Mary Ann’s house?
5.) When does Mary Ann relax?
6.) Why does Mary Ann’s family content with their home?
7.) What animals live on the farm?
8.) What fruit and vegetables grow on the farm?
9.) Who are David and Camila?
10.) What food doesn’t Mary Ann eat?