Reading Resources – Great external links

Looking for something to read to practice English?

Check out these great external links:

Reading for Children:

Storytimefromspace – Why not hear a story from an astronaught who’s in Space? Cool idea!

Short stories for children – A large collection of readings for beginners with optional audio

Short readings – These have comprehension questions. Beginner and intermediate

Starfall – Short stories for kids

Books for kids – Fabulous, colourful and creative reading site for kids

Free e-books for kids – Great short stories from Kidsworldfun

Reading for adolencents:

Ten short stories – Especially appropriate for teens. High beginner and up

Readings for teens – Interesting topics and comprehension questions

Reading for adults:

The Times in Plain English – Read the news

Breaking News English – Lots of interesting articles, sorted by levels

News in Levels – Select your level of difficulty

Religious Texts – A rich selection of ancient texts

Complete books – Novels (some of these books have adult content.)

Reading – Practice and tests for all levels:

Test English – Take a test to determine your level, and find lots of exercises to help you improve.