Asking Questions in English


Let’s learn how to ask questions in English.

What do you want to learn about questions today?

Closed Questions:

Be or do? – Practice answering closed questions quiz

Sentence Builder Game – Practice closed questions with ‘be’
Sentence Builder Game – Practice open questions with ‘be’

Open Questions – Basic question words
What is in the backpack? – Practice using ‘what’ and ‘have’ in questions and answers
W5 + H Question Words – Practice basic question words
Leap Frog Board Game – Practice Present Simple questions with ‘be’ or ‘do’
Question Words with ‘how’ – A quiz
Memory Game – Match up the question words

General Past Simple questions – Practice asking question about the past

Learn more question words:

Who – Person (as the subject of the sentence)
Whom – Person (as the object of the sentence)
What – A thing or object
Where – Location
When – Time
Why – Reason
How – Manner
Which – Choice
How many – Number of countable things/objects
How much – Quantity of a non-countable thing/object
How long – Length or quantify of time
How often – Frequency of occurrence
How far – Distance
How old – age

Who is the woman in the green sweater?
To whom should I write for an answer?
What is your favourite colour?
Where is the bus terminal?
When do you usually eat lunch?
Why are you late?
How are you? How does this work?
Which one do you prefer?
How many glasses do we need?

How much water do you drink a day?

How long is the flight to Cali?
How often do you go to the park?
How far is your house from here?
How old is your daughter?


Questions ending in prepositions – Put the questions in order, and take turns asking and answering them.

Learn more ways to ask questions:

Tag questions

Indirect questions

Reported Questions

ADVANCED QUESTIONS – Let’s put it all together.


Can you answer the following questions correctly?
Asking questions is an important skill, right?
Are you just now learning English?
Was the warm up game fun today?
Were the students on time?
Do you know how to ask questions about the Past?
Do you have any questions so far?
Does this topic confuse you?
Did you know that HAVE is both a verb and an auxiliary verb?
Have you ever had English classes before?
Has this class taught you anything special?
Had you considered the topic of QUESTIONS important before you started this class?