Mixed Tenses in English

twelve verb tenses mixed verb tenses infographic

When we are learning English, we learn about ‘tenses’. The tenses are how we indicate time in different ways. It is how we express if we are speaking about the present, the past, the future. English students learn about each tense seperately. But we don’t get enough practice using the tenses together and speaking naturally.

Practice using different tenses together, in order to take your English to the next level!

Warm up with a Silly Comparisons Game – Be, do, have, can?

An overview of twelve (or sixteen) verb tenses
Verb tenses infographic

Present and Past Simple
A quiz with the auxiliary verb ‘do’ in different forms here
Simple Present, Past and Future – Conversation Board

Past Simple and Past Continuous together
Parties and Celebrations

Past Simple and Present Perfect together
Past Simple and Present Perfect gap fill

Present Perfect and Past Perfect together
Have or had?  here

Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect together
A bank robbery – mixed tenses practice

Past Tenses – Form and Usage Explained
Past Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous  here

Be, Being, or Been?
Try the quiz here

Mixed Past Tenses
Put the story in order activity here