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Welcome to our collection of free interactive English quizzes. Test yourself on a wide variety of grammar and vocabulary topics.

The first option below will help you determine your level and what you can work on to improve your English in general. The rest of the quizzes are listed in alphabetical order, by topic.


What’s my level? – General knowledge quizzes to test yourself.

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Study Tip: Write down anything you don’t understand. See if you discover the answer by yourself, by using the search tool, or looking online. If you are still confused, and you are studying with a teacher, you can always ask for clarification in class.

A or AN? – New Beginner

Articles – General quiz

Articles – San Andres Island quiz

A few or a little – Beginner

Adjectives – Match the opposites – High Beginner

Adjective order (Monsters) – High Beginner/Intermediate

Adjective order (Things in a house) – High Beginner/Intermediate

Adjective order (Weapons) – High Beginner/Intermediate

Advanced questions -Advanced

Be, Being, or Been? – High Intermediate/Advanced

Body Parts – Beginner vocabulary games

Do, does, did, don’t, doesn’t, didn’t? – Beginner

Comparatives and superlatives – Beginner

Conjunctions – so and because – Beginner

Conjunctives – and, but, so, because, if, while – Beginner

Connecting words – Business English about Unions – Advanced (C2)

Family vocabulary – Level 1- Beginner

Family Vocabulary – Level 2 – Beginner

Have, have to, and must – Beginner

In, On, and At and giving directions – Beginner

Its or it’s quiz – Beginner

Infinitive, gerund or both? – High Intermediate/Advanced

Infinitive or gerund? – Select which form implies the correct meaning in the context of unions

Like, be like, look like – Weather and seasons quiz – Beginner

Like, want, would like – quiz 1

Like, want, would like – quiz 2

Must and have to – Labour Union rules – High Intermediate/Advanced

Nationalities – All levels

Negative Prefixes in-, im-, un-, and dis- Exercise 1 – Write the correct prefix. – Intermediate

Negative Prefixes in-, im, un-, and dis- -Exercise 2 – multiple choice – Intermediate

Numbers – Can you write them? – Beginner

Numbers – Listen to the big numbers and write what you hear – Beginner

Object pronouns – Beginner

Ordinals – Can you write them? – Beginner

Outer Space mini quiz – Beginner

Past Simple ED pronunciation basics – Beginner

Past Simple ED pronunciation – Verbs for cooking

Past Simple ED pronunciation – Verbs for camping

Past Simple ED pronunciation – Verbs for talking about charts and graphs -Intermediate/Advanced

Possessive adjective or possessive pronoun? – Beginner

Present Continuous – Beginner

Present Simple (affirmatives, negatives and interrogatives) multiple choice quiz – Beginner

Pronunciation of the final S – Beginner

Pronouns (subject, object, possessive) and possessive adjectives – Beginner

Questions ending in prepositions – Put the words in the correct order. – High Intermediate/Advanced

Questions with how – Beginner

Reading and comprehension quiz Astrid’s Place – Beginner

Sentences ending with prepositions – High Intermediate/Advanced

Subject/Object Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Quiz – Beginner

Telling Time – Write the equivalent time using ‘to’ and ‘past’

There is/are – Simple Present (House and home) – Beginner

There is/are – Simple Present/Past/Future (Renting an apartment) – High Beginner

There is/are – All mixed tenses (Travel and tourism) – High Intermediate/Advanced

They are, there are, or their? – High Beginner

Was or were? – Beginner

‘Will’ or ‘going to’ (1) – High Beginner

‘Will’ or ‘going to’ (2) – High Beginner