Grammar – Present Simple

Form and usage here

Add the verb ‘to be’ to the sentences here
Sentence builder ‘to be’ games:
Level 1 here (affirmative sentences)
Level 2 here (negative sentences)
Level 3 here (interrogative sentences)
Level 4 here (interrogative sentences with question words)
Level 5 here (affirmatives, negatives and interrogatives)
Level 6 here (Contractions with TO BE)

Present Simple 3rd person ‘s’ practice here (online and downloadable)
Present Simple 3rd person ‘s’ drag and drop – write the verbs here
Find and correct the errors – Be or do here
Sentence Builder Games – Make affirmative sentences here
Sentence Builder Games – Make negative sentences here
Contracting do+not and does+not – mini quiz here
Present Simple mutiple choice quiz (affirmative, negative and interrogative) here
‘Be’ or ‘do’- Match the answers to the closed questions here
What’s in the backpack?  Sentence builder games here (Closed questions and answers, ‘do/does’ practice)
Sentence Builder Games – Make interrogative sentences with question words here
A chat about business – Complete and practice the dialogue here (‘be’ or ‘do’?  – High beginner/low intermediate)
Present Simple – Sentence Builder Games here (affirmatives, negatives and interrogatives together)
Present Simple – Put the words in order here
Question words with ‘to be’ or ‘do’ game here
Questions words with ‘to be’ or ‘do’ – Add the question word drag and drop game here
Sentence Builder with ‘to be’ and normal verbs together here
Can- Form, Usage and Practice here
‘Be’, ‘do’ or ‘can’ – Silly Comparisons games here