Quantifiers in English

Quantifiers in English

Quantifiers are words that tell us about the amount or quantity of something. They tell us “how many” and “how much there is of something.

Here are some examples:
How many books are on the table? There are 3 books.
Do you have a little water? Yes, I have a small amount of water.
Do we have enough chairs for all of the guests? Yes, we have a sufficient amount.

Quantifier words in order of degree:

quantifiers in degrees

More Quantifiers – More, Less, and Fewer

Three common quantifiers are more, less, and fewer. We use these to compare two different quantities.

More refers to a greater quantity, and can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns. For example:

You have more book that I do.

We usually have more rain in April than we do in August.

To take about a smaller quantities, we use fewer with countable nouns, and less with non-count nouns.

I have fewer book than you do.

There is less rain in August than there is in April.

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