Renting An Apartment In English

Do you feel confident renting an apartment in English? Let’s practice it together.

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Imagine that you are new in town, and looking for a place to live. Which of the three options above would be the best one for you?

Conversation Questions:
1.) Would you rather live in a small place in a great location, or have lots of space, but have to commute?
2.) You choose one amenity to have in your building, what would it be? A pool, a gym, a play ground, or a roof top patio?
3.) Your home can be close to a grocery store, a nice park, a strip mall, or a stream. Which one do you choose?
4.) Imagine that you’ve just rented an apartment in a new city, and it’s empty. What ten things do you want most?


Word Hunt – How many words can you make?

Around the World – Think of a world in a category that starts with each letter of the alphabet

What’s Wrong? Find and explain an error in each sentence:
1.) The neighbours they are so friendly.
2.) Their so welcoming and helpful.
3.) The people here is very nice.
4.) The people are too thoughtful.
5.) My place is comfortable. Is calm and relaxing.
6.) Its the perfect home for me.


Renting terminology drag and drop game

tile (baldosa/teja)
a leak (fuga de agua. Leek is puerro.)
a crack (raja. Also basuco)
an outlet (tomacorriente and salida/mercado)
tap (grifo. Also golpecito.)
counter (meson. Also ‘against’ something)
element (of a stove, and in chemistry)
mildew (mojo)
rack (rejilla)
wear and tear (normal depreciation)


There is/are – Explanation and quiz

There is/are in Mixed Simple Tenses – Quiz

Like, be like, or look like

can/ be able to afford
I can afford a nice meal.
I am able to afford a nice meal.

I can’t afford a new car.
I am unable to afford a new car.

Can you afford…?
Are you able to afford…?


1.) In what ways is it better to be the landlord?
2.) In what ways is it better to be the tenant?
3.) What are the main differences between renting and owning property?
4.) What is the difference between borrowing and lending?

CONVERSATION QUESTIONS – like, be like, look like
1.) What do you like most about where you live?
2.) What do you dislike most about where you live?
3.) What would your ideal apartment look like?
4.) Do you consider your home to be more like a fun community center or a private refuge? Why?
5.) Do you have an ‘open door’ or ‘call first’ policy for guests? What would it be like for you if you accepted the opposite?
6.) Describe a neighbourhood you have lived in. Did you like it?
7.) What did it look like?
8.) What was it like?
9.) What would your ideal neighbourhood look like?
10.) What would it be like?

1.) Find the perfect roommate for your politically correct, vegan household. One person is interviewed, and the others are the interviewers.
2.) One person is a landlord/lady, and the others ask questions about the house/apartment that is for rent.
3.) One person is a slum landlord. The others are renters, who are trying to negotiate basic repairs.
4.) You love your new place, and your landlord has been great. Leave a voicemail about it.


A.) Use the words in the vocabulary mini dictionary to write two emails.
1.) An angry landlord, who claims that the apartment was left in bad condition, and want to keep the rental deposit.
2.) The response from the tenant, who has evidence that the apartment was already in bad condition, that repairs were never done, and who wants the rental deposit back.

B.) Is airbnb good for the world? – Research the answer in English, and write a report your findings. (250-300 words)