Memory – An English Lesson

What do you think?
What is memory?
Who are you without your memory? Who am I?
How reliable are our memories?
Are our memories just stories that we tell ourselves?

Review irregulars and pronouncing the ‘ed’ correctly.


Memory Game

The first person starts by saying…

“Last week I…” and adds action in the past. The next person repeats what was said, and adds another action. Go around the circle, repeating and adding something until someone can’t continue. For example:

Person 1: Last week I brushed my teeth at 6am.
Person 2: Last week I brushed my teeth at 6am, then I washed my face.
Person 3: Last week I brushed my teeth at 6am, then I washed my face, then I looked out the window.


Memory Vocabulary Game – High intermediate/advanced

Word Sort Game – Can you discover these expressions about memory?


How Memory Works – a high intermediate/advanced reading about memory from Harvard University


Write up to 50 words about a place that you remember fondly. Try to help your audience experience your memory as you do.

Pass it on – Practice using vocabulary for memory and reinforce Past Simple (or Mixed Past Tenses) with this writing activity.


Conversation Questions about Childhood – Add the correct words.

Conversation Questions

My Father’s Office