War and Conflict English Lesson

war and conflict English lesson

Let’s talk about war and conflict in English.


War is a global problem.
Global Conflict Tracker – Select a conflict. Read about it and prepare a short essay.

A short reading about the conflict in Colombia.
Colombian armed conflict

The War on Drugs is a war on Colombia.
Part A- Watch the video Colombian President Addresses the U.N.
Part B- Write down points that you want to touch on about it.
Part C – For each question, talk about if you agree or disagree with Petro and why.
1.) What are President Petro’s main points?
2.) What is the ‘war on drugs’?
3.) What does he say about addiction? What are the worst addictions? What are the root causes of addiction, in his opinion?
4.) What connections does Petro make between the environment, human rights, and the ‘war on drugs’?
5.) What solutions does he propose?


Famous quotes about military strategy and tactics – Select a quote for discussion

What Can I Say? – Players try to speak for up to three minutes on various topics related to war and conflict.

Ten Phrasal Verbs for Conflict
Match the words in the columns. There are various correct answers.

fight off
run away
blow up
take up
beat up
stand up for
look for
burn down
put down
hunt down

an uprising
human rights
an attacker
from danger
an enemy
a pipeline
a civilian
a building

What are the past and past participle forms of the phrasal verbs?
Select one of the combinations and do mock interviews as a war reporter.

Conversation Questions
1.) What is the history of war in Colombia?
2.) The Colombian government signed a Peace agreement with FARC, but there is still conflict. Why?
3.) Who are the various armed groups in Colombia?
4.) Who is most impacted by the conflict in Colombia?
5.) Who benefits from the conflict?